Roman Antioch Augustus 27BC - AD14 AR Tetradrachm Ch VF


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SYRIA. Antioch. Augustus (27 BC - AD 14). AR tetradrachm. NGC Choice VF.  In name and types of Philip I Philadelphus (95-75 BC). Dated Caesarian Year 23 or 25 (27/6 or 25/4 BC). Diademed head of Philip I right / Zeus seated left on throne, holding Nike and scepter; monogram to left; date ΓΚ or EK in exergue. McAlee 16 or 18 variant (dates reversed). HGC 9, 1360x. Rare!

Because the bottom of the exergual date is off the flan, it could either be read as ΓΚ or EK (23 or 25); either would be a variant of the issue listed in McAlee (which shows the dates as KΓ or KE, the same numeral since Greek numbers are not place sensitive); Year 23 is listed as "Very Rare" while 25 is "Rare."